Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Zailoo FAQ

1.What is Zailoo? 
Zailoo is a rideshare companion app that compares pricing and timing estimates between services like Uber, Lyft, Sidecar and Taxis.

2. When should I use Zailoo?
-When you would like to find the cheapest rideshare option to get to your destination
-When you would like to find the fastest rideshare option to get to your destination
- Avoid  surge pricing
- To see if you share the ride via services like LyftLine or Uberpool and pay only fraction of original fare.

3.Can I book a ride from Zailoo?
We are working on the feature and you should be able to book a ride from Zailoo itself.

4. Are there coupons for Uber or Lyft?
First time users can use the below codes.
Uber - zailoo20 
Lyft - zailoo20
No coupons for existing users.

5. Why are taxis included?
On very busy days, it is more economical to take a taxi, than a Uber/ Lyft. For instance, on new year eve's day it is cheaper to take a Taxi, than to take a Uber or Lyft surging at 8X rates.

6. Are tips included in the fare?
Tips are not included in the fare. 
 - Uber doesnot allow tipping
 - Lyft allows tipping but they are not included in the fare
- Likewise for taxis, tips are not included.

Download links for Zailoo app
Have questions? Please reach us at info at zailoo dot com

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